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Frequest Asking Questions Page

Q-1. What is raw hair?
A-1. Raw hair is source from South Indian temples collect from single donor, maintain all cuticles intact align in single direction.

Q-2. Is your hair 100% natural and unprocessed?
A-2. Yes, our hair is unprocessed, full cuticles intact align in single direction so it is 100% nautral.

Q-3. Is your hair single drawn?
A-3. Yes our hair is single drawn and naturally looks fine like own hair.

Q-4. How long your raw hair lasts?
A-4. Because of South Indian Temple Raw single drawn hair unprocessed 100% natural hair will be long lasting more than 2 years subject to awareness of the user.

Q-5. How you construct the machine wefts?
A-5. We prepare machine wefts on triple head machine use with updated quality techniques then seal the wefts with Korean glue gum, so our hair never sheds. Our wefts are smooth and strong.

Q-6. Does your hair having nits or lice?
A-6. There is no nits or lice in our hair because our company having skilled fleet of labor to remove nits or lice manually with the help of nails only.

Q-7. Do you have micro hand tied wefts?
A-7. Yes, we have micro hand tied wefts in great quality and looks fine.

Q-8. Is your closures/frontals made with raw hair? What lace do you have?
A-8. Yes, we use raw hair for closures and frontals perfectly matching with machine weft bundles. We use transparent lace blend on white skin.

Q-9. Do you have wigs? What type of wigs do you have?
A-9. Yes, we have wigs, those are clousre wigs and frontal wigs availabl on order basis.

Q-10. Is there MOQ for wholesale? What about samples prices?
A-10. Yes, wholesale order MOQ is 10 bundles or 4 closures or 4 frontals or closure/frontal wigs 10pcs. If the order list is less than MOQ treated as samples and $4 extra each piece for samples.

Q-11. How can place the order?
A-11. Usually you can send your order list on e.mail:, Whatsapp No. +91 9494845859, and you can place your order on our website also and confirm your order with your payment. Orders accept subject to the availability of items in our ready stock.

Q-12. What is the lead time to execute the confirmed order?
A-12. Usually we can ship within 2 to 4 days subject to availability in our ready stock.

Q-13. What is the transit time of DHL Express?
A-13. DHL Express transit time usually 4 days, because of Covid19 some delay may be 6 days.

Q-14. Shall my order delivers at our door step?
A-14. Yes, we will ship on DHL Express will deliver the package at your door step.

Q-15. What is return policy?
A-15. For our return policy please visit follows link       Terms & Conditions

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